Information Security

Security Assessment Or Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing services will allow you to benchmark existing security measures, identify necessary remedial actions and gain the assurance that you need in order to get on with providing an effective IT service to the rest of your business. We can offer you the assurance that customers, shareholders, auditors, and partners demand. To learn how customers benefit from this service, see our Case Study or Read More

Secure Infrastructure Design

By re-visiting the design of your existing security and following best practices in new deployments you can gain maximum benefit while making ongoing management less draining. Having a clear architecture, and making the most appropriate use of products and services you can reduce your exposure to risk while being able to "do more with less". Our consultants have been working in the field of security since 1995 and have architected Backbones, LANs, and Data Centers for the world's largest Internet service providers, protecting tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Read More

Security Incident Response

We are experienced in pre-incident planning, vulnerability removal, and post-incident investigation for clients that have suffered from sophisticated industrial espionage, extortion attempts, delinquent insiders, and random hackers. In our time spent managing security at the worlds largest ISP, we have seen more incidents than most. The security response service will ascertain how the breach occurred, secure it, evaluate the extent of the damage, and attempt to identify the origin of the individuals involved. We offer superior depth of expertise and discretion. Read More

Bespoke Services

We are able to undertake a wide range of projects related to IT security; if your requirement is not covered here, our consultants are happy to discuss special projects and unusual assignments.

360is Executive Intelligence

Executive Intelligence is a digest for CIO, Chief Security Officer, and IT manager. It features news, world events, and conclusions intended to help security conscious executives prepare for the future. Managed Security Service Providers use this to add value and uniqueness to their existing infrastructure-based offerings. Easily re-branded, it can be tailored to a specific geography, vertical market sector, or class of reader. It is brief, meaningful, and instantly adds unique value to your services.

Sample issues: Q2/2003, Q2/2005, Q2/2006

Feature Benefit
High-level summary and conclusions Delivers thought leadership
Periodic publication Reinforces customer relationship with regular contact
Macro and World view of security Speaks to C-level executives
True vendor independence Controls or mitigates messages from technology vendors
Written and distributed by 360is Can be implemented instantly with no additional costs